Our Civil Department offer a full range of representation in relation to all aspects of Civil Litigation and Family Law.

Child and Family Law

We have extensive experience in dealing with all matters concerning child and family law. We deal with disputes relating to contact or residence of children, divorce, financial provision on divorce, adoption, aliment, exclusion orders, matrimonial interdicts and parental rights and responsibilities.

Our experience also extends to the Children’s Hearing system which deals with cases involving children who are vulnerable and often where the family require the intervention of the Social Work Department. The Hearing system also deals with offences committed by children under the age of 16 and where compulsory measures of supervision may be necessary in respect of a child.

The Social Work Department and Police Officers are under a duty to give information to the Children’s Reporter in any case which causes them concern and where compulsory measures of supervision may be necessary for a child. Once information has been received, the Reporter must decide what action must be taken.

It is important to understand the grounds of referral and the accompanying statements of fact if indeed documentation is received regarding your child. Before you attend any Children’s Hearing, it is important that you are fully aware of the consequences of accepting the Grounds of Referral or agreeing the Statement of Facts.

Legal aid is now available for representation at the Children’s Hearing system. If you have received information from the Children’s Reporter with regards to attending at the Children’s Hearing system, then please contact our office as a matter of urgency in order that we may advise you accordingly and represent your interests at any Children’s Hearing.

Health and Safety Act

We work with public organisations on Environmental and Health and Safety issues. If convicted, companies and individuals that are charged and prosecuted under the Health and Safety Act can face serious consequences by the imposition of substantial fines and by their reputations being tarnished. Massimo Franchi and Desmond Finnieston, who is a Senior Solicitor Advocate, guide our clients through the process from start to finish, ensuring that the complaint is investigated thoroughly and the reputation of their organisation safeguarded.

Fatal Accident Enquiry

If an enquiry under the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiry (Scotland) Act 1976 is to be heard, we ensure that your position is clearly and accurately stated.

Personal Injury

We can assist you in making a claim for compensation against an individual or corporate body in the event that you have been injured at work, in a road traffic accident or elsewhere. In some instances we can assist in negotiating a suitable settlement on your behalf whilst other circumstances may require court proceedings to be raised to fully pursue your claim.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Claims

We have a wealth of experience in making claims for compensation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). We take time to meet with you and explain the application procedure in making a claim for compensation. In many instances our clients receive an award of compensation as a result of a successful application. In other situations where an award of compensation has initially been refused by CICA we have undertaken successful reviews and where necessary, appeals within the Tribunal Service.

Please see our individual solicitors for their experiences and contact either one of them directly for an appointment to discuss any issue you have in child and family law.